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Happy Birthday Bramhaa – The Awesome Animation Blog

Hey Guys,

This was an very awesome second year of our animation blog – Bramhaa. We got to learn lot of things from great animators, also some special things happen all this year  & you can see this was a year of animation students.

As every animation student knows – this industry is very small & large volumes of passionate aspiring animators are coming from across the world every year. There were very few channels for students to learn the real fun in animation & join some great studios.

The ultimate goal of our team for Bramhaa was to compensate this gap by some extent. We shared some great articles on story writing for animators, try to bring new dimension for approaching animation, shared some of our experiences so that you don’t have to  struggle much in your animation industry.

We shared hundreds of  News, Webinars, Tutorials, Blogs, Videos & Forums on our New Facebook  Fan Page launched last year. We have got awesome response from our  300 fans for what ever they found valuable out of our posts. And we are proud to say that Bramhaa has the only page for animation students on Facebook – who shares very very valuable aniamtion stuff at one place. And sure it was great decision by our team to take this FB initiative.

What makes Bramhaa very special is its exclusivity of literature for students in Animation industry. We have analysed awesome Animation movies for explaining how stuff works in story writing & visual structure in any Animation movie. We have also published some drawing tutorials from Mitali and we are very thankful of her too.

We have also published our first ever Exclusive Interview with an DreamWorks Animator- Alexis Wanneroy, where he have explained some of his work & student life experiences. On this occasion we would like to express our thanks to him & it was great pleasure for our team & audience to read about you & your guidance.

Our Facebook Page has also completed its first birthday 3 days before on 22nd of December 2010. Following is its statistics form last year.

I am happy to let you know that we have more great plans for this new year. And soon you are getting a full course on deciding your career in animation industry. Also we have planned for some awesome news about animation film festivals near you & across the world. Some great guidelines for making your career in animation & more awesome interviews from industry.

So be with us for all this year & also if you have any suggestion for us or great stuff to share you are always welcome at

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