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During last 15 days I came across, few groups or communities or posts or discussions. I thought, may be I should share with all you guys something which is really important for all of us. When we be a part of social networking sites like Facebook , Orkut , twitter ,forum or may be you have your own blog where you share your ideas, skills , thoughts we have so many responsibilities, that we might not aware of it as an artist, but not knowing them creates huge difference, Its like Spiderman will say, “with great power comes great responsibility !!”

When you are part of social networking sites , you become part of media. And you must be aware that what is your opinion you put out there in discussions , walls or threads, articles it definitely affects majority of people. At this moment you might be thinking that’s not true but it is!

If you don’t read all article that’s okay , I want to encourage you to always remember the following things while blogging , posting ..

“Generalizations are really worst things to promote!!”

And “Even most worst things are when generalizations you are promoting something like Hate , Anti, negative something!!”

I call it “concept of 100”

See most of the times we don’t know more than 100 people closely or personally around us , and we jump in there and just from one or two or may be 5 incidences we create belief or generalization about entire mankind!

Same thing about X, we have few experiences about X and we make that opinion for all alphabets in all languages present in the world.

One thing we must learn is to be specific because that is only thing we can evaluate.

You know why we generalize because if we start noticing every specific thing we will be freaking out inside. So we make small map and we think that’s whole world.

There is famous saying that we all must remember Map is not Territory!!

What we are seeing is not actual truth, its RE-Presentation we have done in our mind it might be totally wrong (awesome concept I learned from Tony)

See if you have to generalize , Generalize in Positive way at least you will be in good state and able to keep all around you in good state too.

Sometimes we heard that News media is being negative and creating fear in minds of people.

Guess what? you are part of that media, specially you are connected to all world , your blog or pages or communities are seen by people from all over the world. You don’t realize but you indirectly creating opinion in minds of people!!

See we made decision that on our Page on Facebook we won’t write news like some studio is shutting down or something like that.

You may say that’s wrong,you are stupid , world must know about the people in studio, what if you are part of that studio?

If you see this way , I hope it may create some difference. Every career has its challenges and everybody has to overcome them.

Most of the times , beginners like me read so much on net about industry in order to get certainty that every thing is going to be awesome. If somebody who has great amount of talent and skill , and on the edge , being back and forth should I do career or not , seeing news like this at two or more places not just of shutting the studio , but all the anti, or hate Communities or groups , pages. There are more chances that he may back out and the animation community will lose awesome talent in that moment.

See things like this create fear in the minds of beginners who have just able to gain some kind of certainty about career in Animation, about Institutes, about Studios

Always be careful while joining communities, groups, pages , you might be joining 100’s groups and they reflect what you are , as person.

How “constructive” you are ? Which kind of environment you will create ? how will you act as Team Player ? How much respect you have for mankind ? How much you appreciate Constructive effort of somebody?

Those communities are reflection of you and what you think , partially they represent you!!

I have question, in real life if you don’t like something , do you carry the photo or information of that something in your pocket ?? I guess , nobody carries those things …

Then don’t you think, while joining hate , anti communities of those in your profile. Indirectly you are promoting, in fact it has become part of your profile!!

I’m no one to tell you that what you must do. Still we should realize as an artist we have great responsibilities, specially while directing the focus of those who are beginning their career or thinking of beginning their career.

The responsibility is even bigger when you are creating a Group , community ,page . If you create Anti or Hate community , and 1000 people join that. You are promoting that thing , you may call it as negative publicity now those who never knew about that thing they will also see what’s that is that 1000 people are promoting.

You might say its truth , and somebody might do something about it , everybody must know about it then do it in constructive way.

Like Mother Teresa Once said , “I will never attend any Anti War rally , if you are arranging Peace rally , make sure to invite me” (words might not be exact but essence is the same)

Learning to appreciate is one the greatest thing we can learn as human being and specially as an artist. We are artists , we must be constructive in our way. We must know the importance and responsibility of CREATING!!

I learned a year ago , that we must do things

Which Feel Good , Good for Us and Good for others!!

While creating communities and groups we must keep ideal Example of “TED” in front of us, that’s like one of the best organization which appreciate and share the great talents in constructive way.

Without internet and social networking sites it was impossible to imagine that we as part of whole world, but not now we can literally feel that WE are Global citizens. No matter what, we finally belong to human race!

Promoting Good never hurts somebody, as we focus on Good in environment we feel rich, grateful, encouraged, creative, constructive!!

And we need to be smart enough to realize that what we are putting in , because in IT Engineering we have a Concept

GIGO – Garbage in Garbage Out

What you are going to put into the system, that’s what going to reflect in Outcome.

I have belief that the percentage of Good things, Good people are way more than Bad things , though if sometimes it may seem at first, reverse; we have got to focus on good things.

Within last year and untill now I was really fortunate enough to get guidance from many great guys from great studios, they were so encouraging , inspiring ,specific, appreciating that I realized that these are our ideals , they are so awesome that someday I must have to be like them.

As long as we know that while using social networking sites, we are artists and we have got to be constructive, encouraging, inspring, specific, promoting good in our way and we have ability to direct focus of masses, we have managed to use social networking media in way all the creators of Social networking media have thought while creating all these cool media!!

I hope that some of you definitely going to think about this while posting, blogging, creating new groups, joining groups, promoting, replying to somebody! Even just take a look at your all joined communities, you might want to rethink about them..

Some of you might want to share this concept of responsibilities and constructive of approaching to your friends ..

The last thing ,

“ Hate is not an option , appreciation is & people are not their behaviors” ..Tony Robbins

Next time you find your self in state of Hate , ask this question

At least What can I appreciate about her/him/them/it ? or what two things I can appreciate about ? At first you will come up with answer “Nothing”, but if you really think about the question

You will definitely find the constructive answers and do not judge somebody by their behaviors . Sometimes we too get judged by others because of our behavior but we know the truth.

Sometimes its state, mood, focus, situation, rough day that decides behavior for that moment not for the rest of the life .. I hope you got the point ..

Thank you so much guys .. 🙂

P.S. Protect your work, creative ideas, creations which are part of your demo reel (portfolio) and to know more about this please read First Chapter from book Pencil to Pixels by Mr. Tony White


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  1. Your above article is like this:->

    Your pain may make others laugh


    Your laugh/smile should not hurt even a single person

    -Charlie Chaplin

    Masterpiece(both article and this message)

    • Hey thanks man ,
      Thanks so much for such awesome reply ..

      I know its really big article , i just wanted to give all the things in one whole article to make sure if someone dares to read it ,finally it must help him to think about the stuff i have discussed ..

      One thing i didnt write in article that is , ” Ask and you shall receive” , the more we are passionate about the stuff doesent matter good or bad ; we will definitely get more of it !

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