Beautiful Essay on Legendary Richard Williams


It terrifies me, every time someone complements, How animation in some animated film was almost real! I immediately confirm do they mean ‘believable’. It happens a lot, most people think the next level in animation is the realism. For some live-action-animation films, like The Lion king (2018) or The Life Pi the realism is needed because it’s the need of the story. But the realism never was the ultimate goal of animation as a medium. Animation can be anything that you imagine. You are only bounded by your skills. When you manage to create a meaningful story experience, the animation shines the best.

One of the most important goal of a storyteller is when he chooses the medium to tell a story; (whether it’s writing, painting, stop motion, hand drawn, film, CG Animation, VR Animation, Paper cut animation, Games) using that medium’s strengths to tell the story.

Legendary Richard Williams is one of those storytellers who knows how to use the strengths of animation to tell a story. He truly has mastered the craft of hand drawn animation.There are probably handful of people who can say that they have mastered the craft of animation; he’s one of them. He consistently has pushed the milestones for hand drawn animation further and further.

This beautiful essay manages to encapsulate why we love and respect Legendary Richard Williams so much.

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