How to choose the Perfect Animation Institute?

Whenever, a person chooses an Educational institute (mainly, the institute that is going to provide Bachelor Degree), considers a lot of things, such as, minimum eligibility criteria for admission, fees, teachers in institute, quality of education, position of institute at national and international level, students placement records and many more!

Choosing an Animation institute, for making Animation as career,needs similar approach. Especially countries like India, where dedicated Animation schools are rarely available, one must be conscious about these decisions.

Hey, don’t be so tense! I am here with answers (rather, I would say ‘with Questions’) to seek you out of this situation.

Below is the Questionnaire, which an institute have to answer satisfactory.

Questions Regarding MONEY:-

  1. What are the different courses available?
  2. What are the fee-structure according to courses?
  3. (Obviosly, fees have to be huge) Why so huge fees for these courses?
  4. What and Why, are fees difference according to institute and locations?

Qustions Regarding QUALITY OF EDUCATION:-

  1. If there is any affiliation of courses by some well recognized universities?
  2. What are the benefits of certificate over an Auto start Animator (learns by self)?
  3. What is your certification criteria? What exams do you conduct periodically?
  4. What kind of laboratory and library facilities are available?
  5. What is the qualification of faculty at institute? How they are recruited?
  6. If there are any periodic Experts’ Talks?
  7. If institute organizes big competition events? If students are informed with periodic national and international events  information?


  1. What is my Identity after completion of course ?
  2. Are there any chances for working on live projects, during the course?
  3. If institute offers internship, for students, after course?
  4. Are there any tie-ups with big studios?
  5. What are the different studios, packages for students placed through institute? Ask for contacts of some of them.
  6. How to enter in the field of Animation if one is not placed through institute?

General Questions:-

  1. How many Demo reels can be made by one, during the course? To whom, the demo reels belong to after completion of course?
  2. How much time do one need to practice daily?
  3. What is scope for free-lancing?
  4. Why are there so many free-lancers in this field?

Hushhh!!! Our list ends here.

These are the minimum questions, one must ask. The questions may differ as per location but the approach remains the same.

Again, doesn’t it feel good that, an institute have to pass an exam to teach and guide you!

Approach more than one institute so you will have good data for comparison.

You may come up with better questions. Feel free to ask each of them. They will lead you to reality!

Remember, “He who asks questions can not avoid the answers

Cameroon Proverb

So, Happy Questions………..Bye!!!

Guys also READ THE COMMENTS .. where Mahesh have written that how can you create Your Questions and Another Comment where HE HAS GIVEN THE LINK for LIST and INFO OF GOOD INSTITUTES IN THE WORLD …

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  1. Hi this is a real valuable information published in your website, but it would have been more better if you would have proof read the copy and then published. I have found some spelling mistakes in the text like the spelling of certificate is been misspelled a couple of times, hope you will get it done.


    • Thank you so much Shanks , your comments means so much to us , it inspires more to read from so many books , analyze and write … and improve ..

      consider it done … 🙂

  2. Hi Kiran ,
    This is really helpful list of questions.
    I liked the concept that “institutes have to give the test for us” , that really changed my perspective and clarified the roles of us and Institute and the way you have sorted the questions that’s really nice .. You figured out pattern through that huge random questions, that’s smart work man …:)
    Thanks for that … now it really makes sense

    And I just want to suggest the other guys that , I remember When me and Kiran came up with this idea of list ..
    We have targeted the questions towards specific Institute, that’s why I think Kiran have eliminated few questions …so that we should not get confuse.. 🙂

    Do the following things before making your list

    1. Study the background of institute first and change your questions accordingly
    2. Decide in which you have to do career , (modeling, sfx, Character Animation …)
    Find out in interviews, articles that tell which skills are absolutely must and create the list of questions for them.
    How do they (institute) improve those skills? etc.
    (We are Character Animation kids so our more questions were targeted to that)

    3. This is important factor, please do this..
    Ask some* questions whose answer is definitely you know already, like how much drawing skill is necessary?
    What are the most important skills in (modeling, character animation) as career
    (don’t just say in Animation, they will say being creative)?

    How you gonna help me to develop that?

    So that you would able to find out some truths about their other questions

    4. Be precise and specific … do not ask general questions you will get general answers!!! (For example the previous one what’s more important skill in Animation* ?)

    And finally at least use the list of questions which Kiran have prepared smartly.

  3. Awesome … this is just great …
    a place where many many institutes are trying to convince some one .. this information is really good to short list … … god bless u guys …

  4. what are the jobs we will get after finishing the course?M a student of Animation n multimedia 2nd semester i doubt that i will get a job after finishing the course.

    • @ Daniel , @Amar

      It totally depends what you are currently learning in your course,

      Like there are places for artist like
      Story Boarding Artists
      Modelling Artists
      Rigging Artists
      Character Animator
      Lighting Artists
      Visual Effects artists and so on ..

      So basically exactly in what you want to do career in or you can multiple skills too ,
      like Rigging , Modelling ,Animation etc

      So When you will be applying for any Position , you will include the stuff that relates to that position

      for ex.

      If you are applying for Modeling Artist ,
      Then you will include all the models You have created.

      If you are applying for Animator Post,
      then you will include the characters motions , acting scenes you have animated .

      You can check more about demo reels in forums of
      CG Tantra

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