Making of Documentary

After the completion of PRESHOOT phase, there it comes, SHOOTING phase.

This is time when you are working on the field, wandering like crazy, hunting for best shots!

Here is Process Chart for this phase:

  • Keep the shot list in hand and cut down the shots you captured satisfactorily.
  • Try to be at best position, at perfect time to capture incredible shot. Though, this is point where luck matters but at least be ready when luck raise hand for you. Don’t miss that opportunity.
  • Sequential check list is definitely  very helpful but don’t be rigid with the checklist. Unknowingly nature gives you the gift. Be free to accept it.
  • Hit down the maximum number of shots on the checklist.


Here ends the 2nd phase.

This SHOOTING phase seems smaller here. But, if you have not done your homework then you may find yourself just wandering around a lot and getting very less or no valuable material.

In short, You must know your outcome, then only there are chances to hit down your target!

Thank You.


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